Hello everyone!
Recently i came to the National Museum of Natural Science in Taichung, because I haven’t been here for a long time, so I want to go and see it with my girlfriend. I mainly want to watch 3D movies, because I haven’t seen it before. It may have been seen...i forgot.) .
National Museum of Natural Science! This is also a well-known attraction in taiwan Taichung. The equipment inside is quite historical. Although it is a very famous attraction, but the content update is not very fast, this is a pity. (Some devices are a bit old)
is mainly to look at this stereo theater first. I haven't seen it for a long time
A person wants NTD 70 dollars.
mainly depends on this 3D theater. Today's performance is "Sherlock Holmes 3D Essence Edition" and one seems to be... (I forgot that name) Zoo Adventures?
After reading it!
When you look at the stereo theater, you should wear stereo glasses (red and blue). It seems that you can take it home, but if you can think it again, because you don’t have the habit of watching 3D movies, but I found that The contents of this 3D theater are for children. If you look at it, you should feel bored , like my girlfriend. Just sleep from the beginning to the end. And this   "Detective Sherlock Holmes 3D Essence Edition" is already the essence of the version, and actually still so boring! It's a bit boring, but the 3D experience is quite interesting.
The Science Center has a guide...but it seems to be down, this is obviously the Windows 7 crash.

The Science Center has an exhibition hall with a lot of content, but the real thing is to look at it. 

This is the pavilion set up by TSMC
The world of semiconductors! Semiconductor is the lifeblood of Taiwan

This thing on the

wafer is very magical. This is an important milestone in the advancement of human science and technology.

There is also a living level in, but it is not very good , although it is TSMC's museum... and TSMC's library is the most interesting inside (in fact, it is quite boring) Of course, it is more suitable for children, so adults may just look around...

also has a library of AU Optronics.
Our Earth wants everyone to come together to protect the environment
This is a very interesting device, it can be pressed with the glass and then interact.
Although the Cobo Pavilion is not so much new content, it is also a good place to be boring to visit. It may also require some new content or business model to drive it.
thank you for read !